What People are Saying

Practically Glow

“I love this! My kiddos who hate, hate, hate reading love doing this. They love exploring the big words and then reading the word cards. They practically glow.” - Heather J.

Finally Finding Success

“My tier 3 intervention students are LOVING decoding with this method! They beg to do more each day because they are finally finding success with decoding multisyllabic words. I am so thankful for this product and method!” - Lauren G.

Accomplishing a Big, Challenging Task

“Decoding GIGANTIC words gave my older elementary student a sense that he was accomplishing a big, challenging task....even though we were going back to the basics. He took pride in decoding the gigantic words that had eluded him in decoding smaller words.” - Nancy J.

Not Just The List To Practice and Forget

“I love this because it encourages my students to find and solve words in their books and writing not just the list that's provided to them to practice and forget.” - Heather J.

Helped Boost Confidence

“I used this resource in summer school to teach word attack skills. My students, who struggle with traditional syllabication, excelled with this strategy. They were free to start attacking without adhering to traditional patterns that are unfamiliar. This resource helped boost their confidence.” - Angelina T.

Reading Larger Words On Their Own

“As a 4th grade teacher, I am so happy that I purchased this! My classroom has a wide range of readers (from 1st to 7th grade), but I still use this as a whole class activity. My kiddos love this activity, and they all get to feel a sense of accomplishment when we break apart larger words into smaller chunks. I have already seen my students use this process when attempting to read larger words on their own as well as during their writing in attempting to spell out longer words. Highly recommended!” - Kelsey K.

Beg to Learn More

“As my students who struggle with reading discover many long words are comprised of many short easy-to-read parts - they beg to learn more.” - Heather J.

Unlock What They Believe Are Unsolvable Mysteries 

“Perfect for frustrated older students who need a way to unlock what they believe are unsolvable mysteries in reading. Helps students go beyond letter-by-letter decoding.” - Joy B.

Beyond "Baby" Words

“This decoding practice is just what I've been looking for. Many activities to assist struggling spellers/readers are out there but have "baby words" (single or two-syllable practice). Segmenting 3 or more syllable words is the target for my 12 yr old twins to further strengthen their reading program. I own everything from Orton-Gillingham to the Wilson reading program and everything in-between. Your material(s) pull out "specific" decoding/segmenting activities that "target" problem areas. Thank you for providing such FANTASTIC resources for us.” - Catherine T.
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