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How To Start Your Year Decoding GIGANTIC Words

Your readers will LOVE decoding gigantic multisyllabic words.  Here are 2 strategies to help your readers go big in their reading this year. 

PLUS a free ebook from the Reading Crewith 23 literacy FREEBIES and resources to start your year! 

Decoding Independence QUICK TIP

Looking for a quick tip to help your readers become independent decoders?
Teach them to use a personal white board as they read!

Test Prep Twist for Struggling Readers

It's a question we all wrestle with. How to help our struggling decoders read high-stakes tests that are written above their reading level?  

While it isn't possible to solve the problem instantly, I like to harness my existing decoding skills intervention to do double duty as supplemental test prep.


The Word Collector, by Peter H. Reynolds, is a joyous introduction to the charms of discovering, savoring and sharing new words.

Advanced Phonics - Beyond Simple Sound-Symbol Correspondence

Beyond Simple Sound-Symbol Correspondence

Some struggling intermediate-grade readers have difficulty believing us when we try to teach them advanced phonics rules.


I want to introduce you to I Can Read Gigantic Words! - an advanced decoding strategy that really works!
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